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Terms and Conditions

Payment Methods Accepted

SEPA transfer (internal European Union transfer in euro)
Domestic British bank transfer in Pound Sterling
Domestic Danish bank transfer in Danish kroner
Transferwise, international bank transfer, or other international payment service Intermediary bank fees, and direct and indirect currency exchange commissions to be agreed.
Cheque in euro drawn on a bank in Germany or Luxembourg
Cheque in pound sterling drawn on a bank in the United Kingdom
Cheque in Danish kroner drawn on a bank in Denmark


Payment Terms

Payment deadline Payment no later than 30 days after receipt of invoice unless otherwise agreed.
Late payment Just as you expect your translation delivered on time, I expect payment on time. It is a question of common courtesy. It is unpleasant for both you and I if I have to send you a payment reminder, but I don't charge for the first reminder if payment is received no later than ten days after that reminder.

In case of payment after that grace period, a late payment fee of €10 and a monthly interest of 1 %, counting from the day after the payment deadline, are charged.
If full payment is not received 30 days after the agreed payment date, you will be charged the full cost of debt collection.

Late payment may furthermore lead to advance payment being required in the


Tax Status and Documentation

You can verify my VAT number (see the imprint page) in the European Union's VIES VAT Number Validation System and in some cases in your local tax authorities' system in some EU Member States.

If you or your local tax authorities require any other documentation of my fiscal status as domiciled in Germany as a condition for not withholding local tax in your country, you must state any such requirement(s) before ordering. I reserve the right to decline any order that is subject to complicated or time-consuming demands for such documentation. If you fail to disclose such requirement(s) in advance and then later state that any such documentation is a requirement for not withholding local tax in your country, then the administrative work required to obtain that documentation for you will be charged at the hourly rate for Other Linguistic Services, and all necessary, accessory costs such as, but not limited to, postage, costs of telephone calls and mileage costs will be charged in addition.

Capital Controls, Economic Sanctions or Other Payment Restrictions

If paying what is agreed for my services is subject to any capital controls, economic sanctions or other payment restrictions, you must disclose any such restriction(s) before ordering. I reserve the right to decline orders for which payment may be subject to such restriction(s).

Debt Relief Procedures, Insolvency Proceedings, Receivership, Bankruptcy, Liquidation

Before ordering, you must disclose if you or your business is subject to any debt relief procedures, insolvency proceedings, receivership, bankruptcy, liquidation and/or any other such circumstances. I reserve the right to decline orders or require advance payment in any such circumstances. In the event that you should enter any such circumstances after ordering, payment for all services already provided becomes immediately due, and I reserve the right to cancel or require advance payment for any remaining part of any order.

Data Protection, Non-Disclosure, Privacy, Outsourcing

None of your data, information or personal details will be transferred to any third person unless such information is already in the public domain, or unless I obliged by law to do so. I understand that certain personal documents to be translated may contain very personal information. You can rest assured that I respect your privacy. Only if you agree in advance may a specific translation be outsourced. To protect against loss and damage of data, backups are automatically managed by an encrypted and secure online backup facility. Data is kept for ten years after the end of the year in which it was processed and then deleted or, in the case of paper files, shredded.

Notwithstanding the above paragraph, the conduct of translation agencies or other translation professionals may be reported to websites that freelance translators use for evaluating the trustworthiness and creditworthiness of new clients, as may cases of crime or fraud, regardless of client category. Crime and fraud may also be reported to the relevant authorities.